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Pro-Flex® LP Torsion

Pro-Flex® LP Torsion


This compact energy-storing foot offers rotational shock absorption designed to reduce shear forces on the residual limb. The torsion module is combined with the Pro-Flex LP foot module, delivering a level of ankle power, energy return, and overall dynamics, which have often eluded people with longer residual limbs. Pro-Flex LP Torsion has been specially designed to deliver these benefits, in addition to providing exceptionally smooth rollover. The torsion-shock unit compensates for physiological rotation and vertical shock absorption of lost joints, delivering more comfort for the end user, and less stress on the residual limb.

The Pro-Flex LP Torsion offers a high degree of ankle motion; a significant improvement in relation to conventional low-profile carbon fiber feet. It incorporates a effective full-length toe, and new ‘reverse tapered’ technology, allowing for greater dorsi-flexion.

Less load and more dynamics means that amputees with a longer limb can enjoy greater comfort in a wide range of activities. The welldesigned and lightweight anatomical foot cover features a steadygrip sole for barefoot stability on wet or slick surfaces, and a sandalclamping toe for a range of footwear including flip flops.

Össur recommends using the Pro-Flex LP Torsion together with the Unity sleeveless vacuum suspension system. This adds minimal weight, no extra build height, and does not interfere with the Pro-Flex LP Torsion dynamics. Unity is designed to provide secure suspension in combination with Iceross Seal-In® technology, while stabilizing volume fluctuations and maintaining comfortable socket fit throughout the day.


Impact LevelExample

日常生活における、歩行補助具を用いたゆるやかで一定速度の歩行。 例:家の周辺の移動、近隣地域での穏やかな歩行

日常生活の中での様々な速度や歩行パターンでの平均的な歩行。 例:買い物に出かける、屋外でも自信を持って歩く

早歩きやジョギング、階段昇降などの日常動作。 例:重量物の持ち運び、肉体労働、趣味でのスポーツ

補足 ダイナミックソリューション

Pro-Flex LP Torsion 仕様




衝撃度: 低~高
構造的高さ: 147 mm (5 25/32") w/ Foot Cover and Sock
カテゴリー: 1-8
サイズ: 22-30
足部重量: 960 g (2.11 lbs) w/ Foot Cover and Sock
差高: 10 mm (3/8")
アダプターオプション: オスピラミッド
最大吸着圧: -23inHg (-600mmHg)
通常使用圧: -16-20 inHg
加算されるシステム重量: 75g (0.17 lbs) w/ Pump, Socket Valve and Tube