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Pro-Flex® Pivot

Pro-Flex® Pivot


Pro-Flex Pivot is a prosthetic foot that uses complementing levers connected through pivots to create mechanically-powered push off. Combining 27° of ankle motion and significantly greater ankle power than conventional carbon fiber feet, it closely mimics regular biomechanics, delivering a proven 11% reduction in load on the contralateral limb.

  • Mechanically-powered push off
  • 27° of ankle motion
  • Sound-side protection by reducing load and impact by 11% and 15% reduction in external knee varus moment
  • Natural progression of center of pressure, closely mimics the natural foot
  • Higher patient satisfaction

Össur recommends using Pro-Flex Pivot in conjunction with the sleeveless vacuum suspension system Unity®, which adds minimal weight and no extra build height, and does not interfere with Pro-Flex dynamics. Unity is designed to provide secure suspension in combination with Iceross Seal-In® technology, while stabilizing volume fluctuations and maintaining comfortable socket fit throughout the day.



Impact LevelExample

日常生活における、歩行補助具を用いたゆるやかで一定速度の歩行。 例:家の周辺の移動、近隣地域での穏やかな歩行

日常生活の中での様々な速度や歩行パターンでの平均的な歩行。 例:買い物に出かける、屋外でも自信を持って歩く

補足 ダイナミックソリューション

Pro-Flex Pivot 仕様




衝撃度: 低~中
体重制限: 125kg
構造的高さ: 155 mm (6 1/8")
カテゴリー: 1-7
サイズ: 22-30
足部重量: 920g (2.02 lbs) w/ Foot Cover
差高: 10mm (3/8")
最大吸着圧: -23inHg (-600mmHg)
通常使用圧: -16-20 inHg
加算されるシステム重量: 75g (0.17 lbs) w/ Pump, Socket Valve and Tube