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Philadelphia® Tracheotomy Collar

Philadelphia® Tracheotomy Collar

  • Anterior and posterior rigid plastic reinforcement supports limit movement.
  • Water-resistant for bathing and aqua-therapy
  • Easily customized for individual requirements
  • Does not contain natural rubber latex, non-toxic and hypoallergenic Plastazote® foam reduces skin irritation

補足 Hospital and Rehabilitation Collars


Philadelphia Tracheotomy Collar
PHP-TI 1.25" Infant 6-8"
PHP-TP 1.75" Pediatric 8-11"
PHP-T2XS 2.25" XSmall Up to 10"
PHP-TxS See footnote Small 10-13"
PHP-TxM See footnote Medium 13-16"
PHP-TxL See footnote  Large 16-19"
PHP-TxXL See footnote  XLarge  19" up
x = 2 (2.25" height); 3 (3.25" height); 4 (4.25" height); or 5 (5.25" height)


CoolMax® Liners
PHP-LCI Infant
PHP-LCP Pediatric Sizes
PHP-LCXS XSmall Sizes
PHP-LCS Small Sizes
PHP-LCM Medium Sizes
PHP-LCL Large Sizes
PHP-LCXL XLarge Sizes