Reassuring stability and empowering dynamics

Not everyone's priorities are the same. However, feeling confident and being able to enjoy life in whatever way we choose, is high on the agenda for most of us.

Iceross Seal-In®, RHEO KNEE®, and Pro-Flex®: Check out Össur's dynamic combination, which is delivering the safety and stability that's vital for some people's needs and situations, while simultaneously empowering individuals with the freedom to participate in a wide range of work and leisure activities.

Made for each other

By combining the RHEO KNEE with a Pro-Flex foot and the latest in Seal-In liner technology, you can achieve exceptional performance on different surfaces, steps and slopes. Minimal socket movement ensures great control, and the safety and stability of these solutions are real confidence boosters.

Add Unity® suspension to your system

Össur’s Unity system works with Iceross Seal-In liners to provide secure vacuum suspension for your prosthetic leg. If suspension is good, it means less movement in the socket. That equates to more control of the prosthesis and a more comfortable experience. Importantly, Unity adds only minimal weight to the prothesis overall and doesn’t interfere in any way with the dynamics of your Pro-Flex foot*.

*Not available with the Pro-Flex LP Align

Good to know: RHEO KNEE advances

  • You are in Control
    Automatic stumble recovery and added stability, even with small and backward steps, plus more support when going down steps or stairs.
  • Smart Technology
    Robust on the outside, clever on the inside – instantly and automatically adapts to the way you walk, your speed and your environment.
  • Make your move
    Step forward, and the knee extends quickly and naturally, with the option to hold it still when stepping over things, or even lock it manually when preferred.
  • Practice at your own pace 
    Össur Logic App helps you practice your moves and train when you like, providing immediate feedback on how you’re improving.
  • Take a stand
    Effortless movement, even in crowds and confined spaces, plus easier than before to stand up, and safer to sit down.
  • Whatever the Weather
    Suitable for use in wet and / or humid environments*, so the weather doesn’t have to rule your life.
  • RHEO KNEE XC extra advances
    Experience a seamless transition from walking, to a light jog in rehab, to jogging with ease outdoors. On a cycle, even the slowest pedaling movement is recognized, triggering the knee’s cycle mode automatically. And you can now ascend stairs with a fluid step-over-step motion. Applicable to RHEO KNEE XC model only.

About the Össur Logic App

The app offers a specially designed training program that gives you real-time feedback to build trust and help you get the best out of your knee. Use it in an environment and at times that suit you.

  • Improve your confidence and gait (walking movement).
  • Enhance your symmetry, especially in terms of weight-bearing, sitting down and stair descent.
  • Understand how to “roll over” the prosthetic toe more comfortably and efficiently as you move forward.
“I check the app first thing in the morning, then I’m ready to go. It’s like a “fitbit” for prostheses, helping me to track how I’m doing and get the best out of my leg”

“I like using the Össur Logic app to exercise when I’m at home. Sometimes I put it in my pocket and go downstairs. Then it will tell me if I’ve been loading the knee correctly and I can work on improving the way I move on stairs. It’s really helpful.”