Mobility Clinic 2022

The team at Össur Australia were pleased to host the first Mobility Clinic event in over two years. The 2-day event took place on Mon 11- Tue 12 April 2022 at The King’s School in Parramatta.

The event was a huge success, reaching the highest number of attendees at a Mobility Clinic in Australia to date! 45 Athletes and 42 Healthcare Buddies joined us in a range of training sessions led by our Head Coach, Cathy Howells, and a team of specialised coaches. The Mobility Clinic welcomed Athletes of all ages and abilities between 4 years and - 78 years old!

Össur Head Coach, Cathy Howells left no one behind, ensuring all attendees were on track to becoming more mobile, by using specific exercises and techniques while working alongside their Buddies to ensure each Athlete smashed their mobility goals. Össur Champion Darrell Sparke ran the largest Taekwondo class we have ever seen at a Mobility Clinic. Darrell shared tips and tricks on various kicking techniques including head-height kicks, fast kicking, and punches!

Our Advanced Running Coach, Chris Nunn took interested Athletes through a running reprise session, allowing the Athletes an opportunity to increase their confidence in running. We even had Athletes run for the first time in years since becoming an amputee! Our newest Yoga & Wellness Coach, Phoebe Malone attended her first ever Mobility Clinic, leading an insightful session which included breathing techniques, specialised stretches, and other Yoga-specific exercises for all Athletes.

Leading all children’s activities, Paediatric Coach Shail Maharaj coached a team of young athletes in a series of exciting challenges including running activities, Taekwondo exercises, soccer and a fun game of basketball. We even introduced an arts and crafts element to the Mobility Clinic, where all our young Athletes were able to use their creative skills to make their own prosthesis.

During the event, two Athletes were selected by our coaches as lucky prize winners. Angus Murrie and Daniel Ngawhika-Whittaker were awarded with Össur Running Feet for their outstanding efforts during the clinic. Angus, our junior winner, has attended multiple Mobility Clinics and has proven growth and improvement in his general mobility through his determination. Daniel certainly made an impression at his first-ever Mobility Clinic, exceeding expectations with his general mobility and sporting performance. We are excited to see Daniel join us at future events and look forward to watching his goal of competing in the Paralympics.

All attendees were given the opportunity to share what #LifeWithoutLimitations means to them. Displayed at the entrance of the Mobility Clinic presentation room was a photo wall filled with attendees sharing their photos and messages for everyone to read!

For those that couldn’t attend the clinic, join us on Facebook and tell us what #LifeWithoutLimitations means to you.

Facebook Live Recordings

For those that were unable to physically attend the event, live recordings were shared on Facebook, allowing people the ability to participate in the exercises from the comfort of their own homes.

Yoga - Facebook Live Recording

We know running and jumping isn't for everyone and so we listened to your feedback and introduced our newest Wellness & Yoga Coach Phoebe Malone who slowed things down while taking our Athletes through a 60 minute Yoga session at the Össur Mobility Clinic! Grab your Yoga mat, find a quiet space and follow Phoebe in a peaceful Yoga session for all ages and abilities.

TABATA - Facebook Live Recording

A TABATA exercise that'll get your body active and blood flowing! Check out these essential exercises for optimal use of a prosthesis and to keep you fit and healthy.


What is the Mobility Clinic?

The Mobility Clinic is a 2-day event designed for amputees of all ages and abilities, as well as health care professionals. Amputees will learn basic, intermediate and comprehensive prosthetic running techniques to improve mobility. The Mobility Clinic will focus on amputee walking, running and sports.

How can I contact the organiser with any questions?

For any enquiries regarding registration or clinic information please contact Össur Australia on 1300 123 268 or [email protected].

What is the registration fee for?

The Mobility Clinic is a not-for-profit event. The registration fee is to confirm your attendance at the Mobility Clinic. All proceeds will be donated to the Limb Management Clinic at The Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick.

Do family and friends have to pay/register separately?

No - only participating attendees are required to register and pay. 

During the registration process, you can nominate family and friends who will be able to attend free of charge.

All participating healthcare professionals are required to register.

How can I contact the organiser with any questions?

For any enquiries regarding registration or clinic information please call Össur Australia on 1300 123 268 or refer to the Mobility Clinic page on the Össur website.

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