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Össur Introduces Breakthrough Pro-Flex® Foot

Pro-Flex-PRDesigned to reduce amputees’ joint pain and injury risk.

Global prosthetics innovator Össur has launched Pro-Flex®, a new foot designed to help reduce joint pain among amputees who engage in low-to-moderate impact activities.

Pro-Flex’s design is intended to address many of the well-documented co-morbidities often found in people with lower limb loss, including compromised gait dynamics, which may increase the load on remaining joints and contribute to higher-than-average rates of knee osteoarthritis (OA); individuals with lower limb amputation are documented to have as much as 17 times greater risk of OA than in the general population. Increased load also may cause diabetic or dysvascular amputees to experience foot ulcers, which, if left unaddressed, may lead to subsequent re-operations.

“As a company, Össur is dedicated to providing technology that enables people to pursue a life without limitations,” said Jon Sigurdsson, Össur’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “We’re proud to introduce Pro-Flex as one of our Dynamic Solutions that provides not only exceptional functionality for the user’s affected side, but focuses on supporting individuals’ sound side over the longer term.”

Pro-Flex Unity smUnique Anatomical Design Enhances Physically Correct Gait.

Pro-Flex’s unique three-blade design features levers and pivots, plus a foot blade with a full effective toe lever and a more anatomical split toe. These innovative technologies help generate exceptional mechanical power and a fluid, natural progression from heel strike to toe-off. Pro-Flex is compatible with Össur’s Unity sleeveless vacuum system, allowing excellent suspension and volume control with no added build height and only minimal added weight.

Visit the Pro-Flex product page for more details.