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Icelock® 500 Series

Icelock® 500 Series


Both Icelock Expulsion Valve 551 and 552 are designed to be used with all suction suspension systems. The valves are positioned in a housing that seals securely against the inner surface of the hard socket near the distal end. The valves expell air under positive pressure when entering a socket. During removal of the prosthesis the push button needs to be compressed to allow air back into the hard socket. The Icelock 500 Series can be used for all impact levels.

The Icelock 551 Valve is an auto-expulsion and push button suction release in the same compact, easy to install package. (M 10). The valve is recommended for both Transtibial and Transfemoral users. The kit includes a flexible socket housing.

Icelock 552 Valve is an auto-expulsion valve with push button for suction release. The core of the valve can be unscrewed to facilitate rapid donning and it makes it possible to pull donning socks through the valve. The valve can be used with a flexible interface and is recommended for Transfemoral users.


Impact LevelExample

日常生活における、歩行補助具を用いたゆるやかで一定速度の歩行。 例:家の周辺の移動、近隣地域での穏やかな歩行

日常生活の中での様々な速度や歩行パターンでの平均的な歩行。 例:買い物に出かける、屋外でも自信を持って歩く

早歩きやジョギング、階段昇降などの日常動作。 例:重量物の持ち運び、肉体労働、趣味でのスポーツ


ランニングや陸上競技、短距離走、長距離走などのアクティビティ。 例:陸上競技

補足 アイスロック

Icelock 500 Series 仕様

衝撃度: 全て


パーツナンバー Description
L-551002 Icelock Expulsion Valve 551
L-552000 Icelock Expulsion Valve 552